This room features a jungle wall mural and is decorated with streamers and balloons. There are computers for playing games, but no Internet access. There is a TV/DVD player for children’s use and for programs. We have puzzles and children’s magazines as well.

The children’s library contains volumes divided into

  • Juvenile fiction (J)
  • Juveniles non-fiction (JNF)
  • Easy (E)

Young adult books are also in this room as are all children’s and family videos. Many of our special events are related to our children’s reading programs.

This room is always very busy!

The library children rooms are in very good condition. They resemble the hotel rooms that can be found at Royal Pacific Hotel Hong Kong. The rooms at Orchard Parade Hotel also look familiar. Major metropolitan cities are great traveller holiday destinations and individuals and families can have a memorable and unforgettable experience when visiting these great cities during holiday seasons.