If you are a patron of the LaFollette Library in good standing: i.e., no overdue charges and no late items out, you may take five books per library visit. These books may be kept for a period of two weeks, and are renewable by phone.

Fiction is shelved alphabetically by the authors last name, and is listed in the card catalog. The card catalog is now automated and is on computer.

Non Fiction

The library has a growing collection of nonfiction books shelved by the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Access is provided in the card catalog same as fiction. Biographies are shelved in a special area.

Large Print

Fiction and nonfiction large print books are shelved separately.

Reference Department

Books in this area contain information or sources of information such as atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and multi-volume titles on various subjects. No books from this section may be checked out of the library. We also have links to several useful reference sites on the Internet.

Videocassettes and DVDs

The library has videos and DVDs for circulation. These can be checked out for one week, with a limit of 5 per family. The overdue charge is $1.00 per day per item. There is also a 50¢ rewind fee for videocassettes. PLEASE NOTE: Videos and DVDs are not renewable under normal circumstances. If you return videos or DVDs after hours, please use the return by the library entrance only. You must be 18 years of age to check out a video or DVD.

Audio Books

Audio books are available in cassettes and CDs and are shelved separately. They have a check out period of two weeks. We also now have the new ‘play aways,’ which is the same as a MP3 player with the non-erasable story on a small pocket size ‘play away.’ If returned after hours, use the return by the library entrance, please.


The library subscribes to over 60 periodicals including the latest magazines. We also receive the daily and the weekly (local) newspapers.


You can check out puzzles as well to take home and work. We have puzzles in all types of skill levels for the entire family.


    We have recently added many new titles to our collection. They are:

    New Books for LaFollette Public Library:

    Title Author


    The day the earth shook Archer

    Hannibal Rising Harris

    Large Print Books:

    The monster in the box Rendell

    End of days Browne

    Boneman’s daughter Dekker

    Breakfast with Billy Graham

    Top 100 Miracles of the Bible McQuade

    Faces of fear Saul

    Front Porch Tales Gulley

    Dead silence White

    Confessions of a teenage

    Drama queen Sheldon

    Some days you get the bear Block

    Cats’ eyewitness Brown

    Purity in death Robb

    Rapture in death Robb

    Buckingham Palace Gardens Perry

    Dust Grimes

    In the dismal swamp Balester

    Death of a writer Beaton

    U is for undertow Grafton

    The Mercedes coffin Kellerman

    Tribute Roberts

    Blue Christmas (CD) Andrews

    The following DVD titles have been added to our collection recently:

    Brother Bear, Curious George, What’s New, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Space Buddies, Wizard of Oz, Up, Handy Manny, Veggie Tales Pistachio, Where the Wild Things are, Legends, August Rush, Australia, Love Happens, Time Traveler’s Wife, Sleepless in Seattle, 40 year old virgin, 13 going on 30, Along came Polly, Couples Retreat, Taken, and 2012.

    Come by and ‘check us out!’